The Process - a collaboration.


My goal is help you realize your dream.

From Traditional to Modern, Classic to Contemporary, I can help you realize your dream of a new custom home or addition.  Working closely with you as your personal Architect, I can guide you in the process of design, and help keep your dreams in line with your budget.  Here’s how I break down the process:

I.  Programming and Schematic Design

The first step is to sit down together and discuss your needs and desires for the home, as well as your budget.

We’ll go over the rooms you want, the styles and materials you like, and any other special features which will make this home uniquely yours.  We’ll also discuss your site and its particular requirements, whether you have a builder or how one will be selected, and your desired construction timeline.  From these discussions I develop a “Program”, or a list of requirements.  The next step is a series of schematic designs, simple line drawings or sketches which explore different arrangements of spaces and the flow between them.  

II. Design Development

When the line drawing layouts make sense, I add the third dimension and begin converting the lines to walls, windows, doors, floor and roof.  At this early point we begin to develop a 3D computer model to help visualize the concept, and we can try out ideas for some of the interior materials, flooring, and exterior siding.  With the 3D images and the capability of virtual walk-through, we can discover what works and what doesn’t.

III. Construction Documents

In the Construction Documents phase, Working Drawings (blueprints) with precise dimensions and notations are prepared, along with  specifications.  These define in detail all of  the materials that are to be included in the house,  and where they are located.   Also in this phase, light  fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and finish materials (tile,  carpet, paint colors, etc.) are selected, most often by you the homeowner, with assistance from me.

IV. Bidding and Negotiation

Some homeowners come to the process with a favorite contractor already selected, and this is fine.  Others are grateful for help in finding the right contractor, and I am happy to provide this service.  During the Bidding and Negotiation phase I can assist  you in obtaining either competitive bids or negotiated proposals  from a selected list of general contractors. I prepare  and distribute sets of drawings and specifications,  answer contractor questions, interpret the documents, and  prepare addenda (revisions to the original drawings or  specifications). Once the bids are received, I can analyze  the results and prepare the contract between you and the  selected contractor.

V. Construction

The final phase of the process is the construction.  In this phase I review the progress of the work, answer  the contractor’s questions, and  facilitate any changes that may be required. I offer a range of services during construction, starting with the above as a minimum.  If you desire a higher level of oversight over the contractor, I can also review submittals and shop drawings  (manufacturers’ drawings of specific elements to be incorporated within the house), and review monthly  certificates of payment that are submitted by the  contractor. Final selections of finishes and fixtures are  also made here. Upon completion of this phase I will  review the construction to ensure that it is  complete and correct, and ready for your use.


Design for a Finite Planet

Bruce Ward, Architect A.I.A.