There’s something very special about a house by the water-

These designs capture the essence of the vacation lifestyle.

Lakeside Living

Design for a Finite Planet

Bruce Ward, Architect A.I.A.

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We sought to capture the feel of the 70-yr. old camp this replaces, but updated for today.

Exposed beams and floor joists, plus beautiful milled planks, set the stage for relaxation.

With no room at the sides, we designed a second floor to expand this camp.

Some of my clients bring catalog plans, and I help them with the personal touches.

For this client, we explored additions both 1-story....

And 2-story....

This cottage was designed for an extremely small site on an island.

In 800 square feet we have 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bath, and a cathedral living room.

Designed for efficient simplicity, this modernist cottage puts the focus on views to the lake.

Simplicity of design allows for more money to be spent on quality materials.

The 3000 sf home below features kids bedrooms upstairs and a main floor master suite

This 2200 sf home has kids bedrooms on the main floor and master suite upstairs.

And bi-level.