When your older home no longer meets your changing needs, I can help you realize the full potential of your property and make your home special again.

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Design for a Finite Planet

Bruce Ward, Architect A.I.A.

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A dark old back porch became a sun-filled retreat.  The cats especially love it.

This lovely old farmhouse received an enlarged and updated kitchen, all new windows, a new side entry porch, foundation repairs, a totally new heating system and a natural stone fireplace.

A state-of-the-art whole-house media and communications network completes the package.

Top quality materials were used throughout.

For this 1830 center-hall, the existing dilapidated additions were removed and a much-

expanded new addition integrated at the rear.

This 1918 Tudor home has elegant design, details and materials.  The goal was to add a garage and exercise pool with a design as elegant as the original.

Below is a family room addition that was tucked into a small space by the pool of this

1960’s Cape Cod home.

These clients wanted a family room expansion with a change of style to a more Craftsman-type look.  Changes were sought with new siding and trim details.

The roof peak was raised to accommodate the rear addition.  Stone trim will be added.

To this lakeside camp we added a 2-bay garage plus woodshop, with guest bedrooms on the second floor.  Pulling the upper walls inward helped keep the height from overwhelming the old.

The result places the new 2-story roof peak in line with the one-story cottage roof.

The interior of this 1965 ranch was a maze of small rooms and halls.  By eliminating one bedroom and moving the kitchen we opened up a spacious kitchen-dining zone that transforms the house.

In an earlier project for the above clients, we transformed a run-down old shack to a comfortable 2-bedroom retirement retreat.

For this client I studied 4 versions of additions of various sizes.

The interior renderings were especially helpful in making decisions.

A 1918 Sears bungalow was expanded upward, capturing space from an attic to create a light, airy master bedroom and bath.  A new family room at the rear and updated kitchen finish it off.

For this 1970’s Tudor, an expanded Master Suite was integrated into roofscape over the second floor, making it difficult to tell what was original and what was added.